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Streamline Your Manufacturing with SZJ Automation’s Auto Production Solutions

SZJ Automation specializes in offering comprehensive auto production solutions among its creative offerings. These solutions make use of cutting-edge machinery, such as sophisticated OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) monitoring tools and very precise sensors, to provide a prompt and precise evaluation of the health and level of charge of batteries.

Advanced Electronic Measurement Technology for Enhanced Efficiency

SZJ Automation’s auto production solutions utilize advanced electronic measurement technology to optimize manufacturing efficiency. The equipment is equipped with sophisticated sensors and precision instruments, allowing for precise and rapid OCV measurement. Manufacturers can rely on this technology to obtain accurate battery status information, enabling efficient production planning and quality control.

High-Precision Sensors for Accurate Battery Assessment

SZJ Automation‘s auto production solutions feature high-precision sensors that enable accurate battery assessment. These sensors are designed to capture and analyze data with exceptional precision, providing detailed information about the battery’s state of charge and health status. Manufacturers can rely on this accurate assessment to make informed decisions regarding battery selection, sorting, and quality assurance.


SZJ Automation’s auto production solutions revolutionize manufacturing processes by incorporating advanced OCV measurement technology and high-precision sensors. By utilizing these solutions, businesses can optimize their production efficiency and quality control. The advanced electronic measurement technology allows for quick and accurate assessment of battery OCV, while the high-precision sensors provide detailed information about the battery’s state of charge and health status.

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