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VFD-Controlled Pump: Unleashing Efficiency with Bedford Electric’s B1100

Bedford Electric introduces the B1100 series, an intelligent constant-pressure water supply inverter pump that offers exceptional performance and a wide range of functions. With features like automatic constant pressure and fault alarms, the B1100 VFD controlled pump is a versatile solution that enhances water supply systems while promoting energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Intelligent Constant Pressure Water Supply

The B1100 VFD controlled pump is designed to provide a consistent and reliable water supply with its intelligent constant pressure feature. By automatically adjusting the pump speed based on water demand, it ensures stable water pressure throughout the system. This not only enhances user comfort but also prevents issues like water hammer and inefficient water distribution.

High and Low Water Pressure Alarm functions

To ensure optimal performance and prevent potential issues, the B1100 features a high and low water pressure alarm function. This feature alerts users in the event of abnormal water pressure levels, enabling timely intervention and maintenance. By proactively addressing any pressure-related concerns, the B1100 VFD controlled pump promotes a reliable and efficient water supply system.


Bedford Electric’s B1100 VFD controlled pump is a game-changer for water supply systems, offering intelligent operation and advanced functionalities. With its intelligent constant pressure feature, automatic sleep mode, and high and low water pressure alarm functions, the B1100 VFD controlled pump ensures a consistent water supply while promoting energy savings and environmental protection. Experience the efficiency and reliability of the B1100 and elevate your water supply system to new heights with Bedford Electric.

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