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JK-60-GB-NR230Z: The Game-Changing Jockey Wheel for Trailers by DNL

In the realm of trailer accessories, finding the perfect jockey wheel can be a game-changer for your hauling experience. DNL takes pride in introducing the JK-60-GB-NR230Z, a remarkable jockey wheel for trailer designed to redefine your trailer experience.

Innovative Features for Effortless Handling

What truly sets the JK-60-GB-NR230Z apart is its user-centric design. The ergonomic knob ensures an unparalleled operating experience with no hint of tiredness, even during extended use. The sleek and sturdy bracket design showcases innovation at its best. With simplicity and strength combined, this jockey wheel is built to last. The tri-corn rim adds an extra layer of stability, making it a standout choice for various trailer applications.

Versatile Applications

One of the most outstanding features of the JK-60-GB-NR230Z is its versatility. It’s a perfect fit for a wide range of trailers, including box trailers, flat trailers, caravans, construction trailers, livestock trailers, transportation trailers, and commercial trailers. Whether you’re transporting goods or embarking on an outdoor adventure, this jockey wheel will be your trusted companion.


In conclusion, DNL’s JK-60-GB-NR230Z is the epitome of excellence in trailer accessories. With its innovative design, impressive load capacity, and compatibility with various trailers, it’s the ideal choice to elevate your trailer’s performance. Don’t settle for the ordinary; make the smart choice and experience the convenience and durability that this jockey wheel brings to the table. Contact Qingdao DongLu Industries Ltd. today and take your trailer experience to the next level. Whether you’re a professional hauling heavy loads or an adventure seeker exploring the open road, DNL JK-60-GB-NR230Z is the perfect companion for your trailer needs.

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