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Weifu Packaging’s High Transparency and Gloss BOPP Film: Sustainable and Safe Packaging Solution

Weifu Packaging is a renowned provider of packaging solutions, and their BOPP film with high transparency and gloss is one of their standout offerings. This film is designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries, delivering exceptional visual appeal and functionality.

Sustainable and Certified: BOPP Film with PCR Content

Weifu Packaging takes environmental responsibility seriously, and their BOPP film is a testament to their commitment. With 30% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) content in the core, this film offers sustainable packaging options without compromising on quality. The incorporation of PCR content helps reduce environmental impact and promotes the efficient use of resources.

Additionally, Weifu Packaging ensures the high dyne retention of their BOPP film, allowing for reliable printing and ink adhesion. The film can be supplied with corona treatment on one side or both sides, enhancing its printability and versatility to meet specific customer needs.

Meeting Safety Standards: Food Contact Grade BOPP Film

When it comes to packaging food products, safety is paramount. Weifu Packaging’s BOPP film is specifically manufactured as food contact grade, fully compliant with international food contact standards. This ensures that the film meets the stringent requirements for packaging materials used in direct contact with food, providing peace of mind for both manufacturers and consumers.


In summary, Weifu Packaging offers BOPP film with high transparency, gloss, and excellent visual appeal. The inclusion of PCR content demonstrates their commitment to sustainability, while the film’s antistatic and slip properties enhance its functionality during packaging operations. With its food contact grade certification and compliance with international standards, Weifu Packaging’s BOPP film ensures the safety and quality of packaged food products.

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