The Science Behind Cyagen’s Cutting-Edge Humanized Antibodies

As the world continues to grapple with a range of diseases and illnesses, scientists are constantly exploring new ways to develop effective treatments. One such innovation is Humanized antibodies – a technology that has been gaining momentum in recent years for its ability to treat various ailments. And at the forefront of this breakthrough research is Cyagen!

What is Cyagen’s Humanized Antibodies Technology?

With the rapid advancement of Humanized antibodies production, the use of genetic modification to develop mice that produce human antibodies has become an important facet of antibody drug development research. A humanized mouse expressing human antibody can be obtained through multiple rounds of gene targeting, respectively replacing the homologous mouse region with the human antibody heavy chain/light chain variable region. After being stimulated by the corresponding antigen, the humanized mouse can produce an antibody containing a humanized variable region portion against the antigen along with the constant region of a mouse antibody. Studies have shown that human antibodies obtained through humanized mouse screening have a more effective affinity and activity compared with human antibodies obtained by in vitro DNA recombination methods.


Humanized mice can be developed through a variety of genetic modification techniques. Such humanized mouse models have been widely used in studies of human gene function, immune-oncology therapeutics, infectious disease pathology, and preclinical drug evaluation in the field of biomedicine. By harnessing the power of our immune system, we are supposed to figure out solutions fighting against cancer – an outcome that is achievable through the use of Cyagen’s humanized antibodies.

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