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Pioneers in Cardiovascular Device Innovation

APT Medical is a leading manufacturer of cardiovascular products. With years of experience and a strong commitment to innovation, APT Medical has developed a range of products designed to transform the way healthcare professionals approach cardiovascular procedures. This article is about the Braidin™ introducer kit produced by APT Medical.

Optimal Kink Resistance with Metal Mesh Braided Structure

The APT Medical Braidin™ hemostasis introducer features a metal mesh braided structure, offering optimal kink resistance and a very small outer diameter. By avoiding kinks and maintaining exceptional flexibility, this innovative design is the perfect choice for transradial approach and even distal transradial approach.

Thinner Wall and Smaller Outer Diameter for Patient Comfort

Patient comfort is a top priority in cardiovascular interventions, and the APT Medical Braidin™ hemostasis introducer addresses this concern with its thinner wall and smaller outer diameter design. The thin wall construction reduces the overall size of the sheath, minimizing patients’ discomfort and pain during the procedure. This patient-centric feature enhances the overall experience and contributes to better patient outcomes.

Facilitating CTO Approach via Radial and Distal Radial Artery

Clinicians can address chronic total occlusions (CTOs) through the radial and distal radial arteries using the APT Medical Braidin™ hemostasis introducer. This device improves smoothness throughout the process by facilitating hemostasis and allowing the hand to move freely. Furthermore, this way has shown significantly reduced complication rates compared with the traditional transfemoral approach, making it a safer and more efficient option for clinicians and patients alike.


APT Medical’s cardiovascular products showcase the company’s dedication to improving the field of interventional cardiology. With its metal mesh braided structure, thinner wall, smaller outer diameter, this device empowers medical professionals to overcome challenges and provide optimal care to their patients. As APT Medical continues to innovate, the future of cardiovascular procedures looks brighter than ever.

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