Iron Spur Cockfighting – 2 Quick Winning Cockfighting Tips You Should Know

Cockfighting with iron spurs is a quite popular form of entertainment in today’s betting market. Iron spurs are often considered quite good fighting weapons in a match because of their very high damage level. Therefore, iron spur cock bets are of interest to many cockfighters. Let’sBookmaker OKVIP VEGAR Discover how to play this type of game.

Overview of the concept of spur cockfighting

This is one of the types of direct Thomo cockfighting play today that is quite popular and common in cockfighting. Normally, in a friendly match between fighting cocks, they often use real spurs to fight to ensure fairness and drama.

However, with cocks that have higher fighting strength, it is very difficult to determine victory or defeat. They will be equipped with additional iron spurs to increase damage and determine victory more easily.

The damage level of the chickens inThomo cockfighting often considered a fatal kick. As long as the target is kicked by an iron cock, the outcome of the match will completely change.

The spurs that are attached to the legs are usually made of iron, are sharpened very sharp and have quite high hardness. Many cockers also use alloy materials to increase strength and stiffness better than regular iron.

How to choose the best cock for fighting with iron spurs

With a fairly high level of damage, spur chickens are often carefully selected. Accordingly, the following factors are often applied to fighting cocks:

  • You must choose breeds with good bodies, not too big, not too small, but must ensure agility.
  • The body usually has to be long to easily defeat the target.
  • When you touch them, you can feel their strength and health.
  • The thighs must be large to be able to deliver powerful blows. Currently, there are many different thigh shapes and each type usually has a certain advantage. Cockers can also rely on this factor to come up with their own playing strategy.
  • The spur is the most important area. People who choose chickens to participate in cockfighting with iron spurs should choose breeds with hard, long and sturdy spurs to easily sharpen and attach the spurs.
  • The cock’s toes must be wide and long. At that time, the meat base is located right at the bottom area so it will be thin so as not to cause loss of balance when jumping in a competition.

You should understand the rules of playing cockfighting with iron spurs

In reality, the rules of playing cockfighting with iron spurs are not too different from other methods on the market. As for the Thomo cockfighting arena, this casino cockfighting arena often updates the rules of the tournament through the basic regulations below:


Regulations related to chicken health

Before the Cambodian spur cockfighting live competition officially takes place, you need to check the weight of the first cock. The reason is because according to the rules of spur cockfighting, cocks with equal weight will be able to compete with each other.

In some other cases in the latest spur cockfighting, the weight of the two fighting cocks should not be too big of a difference. This also depends a lot on the negotiation between the two cock masters. Normally, in this situation, the iron spur cockfighting handicap rule of two players on the fighting arena will be applied.

Time to join the match

Different from spur cockfighting, this type of cockfighting usually lasts 15 minutes. In particular, after each round, they will have a 5-minute break to prepare for the next match. According to the Thai iron spur cockfighting handbook, during the rest period, cockers should apply measures to recover health as quickly as possible.

For this type of cockfighting, there are often separate rules and regulations. More specifically, matches will last 1 minute or much shorter. Thanks to that, the rules related to cockfighting with iron spurs to display match results have also become clearer than ever.

To be able to win Cambodian spur cockfighting easily, this depends not only on the physical condition of the fighting cock but also depends a lot on the element of luck. Many people often comment that choosing cockfighting at the right time will have a higher chance of winning.

How to determine victory or defeat

With the rules of cockfighting, you can see that the rules to determine winning and losing will include the following specific situations:

  • In case the cocks are in danger during battle, they will be counted as losers.
  • If in the case of entering the western iron cockfighting yard and the chicken does not bite or fight, according to the rules of the game it will be considered a loss.
  • In addition, another case where the chicken runs away during the fight is also counted as a loss.

Some tips for playing cockfighting spurs you should not ignore

When participating in cockfighting with iron spurs, from the cockfighters to the players making bets, they must prepare their own unique strategies to get the highest win. That is clearly shown through the betting tips that many people love below:

For cockfighters when betting

When you first learn about spur cockfighting, you must know how to raise fighting cocks so that they have the best spirit and fighting condition. Not only that, players must also have solid knowledge when attaching spurs to their feet securely. If you still don’t know how to do it, you can ask for help from experts in the cockfighting industry.

When bringing a cock to the live fighting arena with c3 iron spurs, you should not care about what other people say to change the spurs. Most people who want you to change spurs often use aluminum spurs. In general, the spur will be quite sharp but quite soft and easy to break. Therefore, when you use these types of spurs, the possibility of losing bets will be extremely high.

For those participating in betting

Players cannot be 100% sure that the cockfighters will not collude with each other for the purpose of taking advantage of the participants. Therefore, in every live cockfighting competition before taking place, you must be alert to these situations very carefully.

Right in the middle of a live Thai cockfighting match, when the player has successfully assessed the strength of the cocks, he can bet as much money as he wants. However, in some cases, some bad guys have taken advantage of this to drug the fighting cocks with the aim of changing the outcome of the match.

The content of the above article has shared information about the type of iron spur cockfighting that is popular today. Hopefully through the above sharing, you have a clear understanding of how to play cockfighting correctly and win a lot of bonuses when betting this type. If you want to participate, you must carefully learn about the rules so that the betting process goes as smoothly as possible. Let’s explore this interesting game at Okvip.

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