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Enhance Vehicle Antenna Testing Efficiency with Sunyield’s SY-IWM Whole Vehicle Measurement System

Sunyield, a leading provider of antenna testing equipment, introduces the SY-IWM whole vehicle measurement system. Developed by Sunyield, this advanced solution is specifically designed to meet the indoor full-size, full-band vehicle antenna testing equipment of automobile manufacturing, automobile antenna manufacturing, and automobile inspection institutions. The SY-IWM system offers a range of test solutions, including single probe, multi-probe, and combinations, allowing for expanded test frequency bands while ensuring efficient testing speeds.

Optimizing Automobile Manufacturing Processes

Sunyield’s SY-IWM whole vehicle measurement system brings significant improvements to antenna testing in automobile manufacturing. By offering versatile testing solutions, such as single probe and multi-probe configurations, manufacturers can efficiently assess the performance of vehicle antennas across various frequency bands. The SY-IWM system streamlines the testing process, enhancing manufacturing efficiency and ensuring the highest quality standards for antenna testing equipment.

Ensuring Compliance in Automobile Inspection

Automobile inspection institutions rely on accurate and comprehensive testing to ensure vehicle safety and compliance. Sunyield’s SY-IWM system empowers these institutions with its whole vehicle measurement capabilities. With the ability to conduct thorough antenna measurements in an indoor environment, the system enables precise inspections that meet regulatory requirements. This ensures the safety and reliability of vehicles on the road, giving both institutions and consumers peace of mind.


Sunyield‘s SY-IWM whole vehicle measurement system is the ultimate solution for efficient and accurate vehicle antenna testing. With its versatile testing solutions and comprehensive measurement capabilities, this advanced system caters to the needs of automobile manufacturers and inspection institutions. Trust Sunyield to provide you with the cutting-edge equipment you need to enhance efficiency, compliance, and safety in the automobile industry.

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