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Aztec Treasure – Discover the Top Class Exploding Jars of 2024

Aztec treasure is a familiar name to the community of gamers who are passionate about exploding jars and exchanging prizes. This is a super hot product, updated at bookmaker hi888 and hundreds of thousands of players participate every day. Let’s immediately discover the interesting points and experiences in this classy game.

Explore the Aztec treasure jackpot game

This is a famous game, designed and provided by game publisher PG. Similar to other slot games, this product is in the category casino Hi88 has a very simple experience and brings great reward rates.

Game content and how to participate in prize drawing

The English name Treasure Of Aztec is Treasure Of Aztec, the content revolves around the ancient civilization of Aztec. This is an extremely mysterious culture, containing many interesting and new things.

The symbols in the game are mainly stone statues with many different shapes such as animals, flowers, letters, etc. The reels in the game have 6×5 customers, often eye-catching symbols with positions appear. unstable. To experience the game, members only need to activate the spin with 1 operation.

Specifically, the “Spin” feature appears on the screen with an orange circular design, with 2 arrows inside. After placing a bet by pressing the “+” and “-” buttons on the screen, you just need to spin the prize to complete the task.

The reels will move at a very fast speed and then suddenly stop, causing the symbols to change position. Based on the appearance of these symbols, the system will reward members according to specific regulations.

Super attractive reward level of Aztec treasure

The biggest attraction of this game is the high reward value. The symbols in the game will be assigned specific odds. Based on the quantity and arrangement, the house will reward customers. In particular, the highest reward is 1:100.00.

To understand how the system calculates money, you need to know the value of each specific symbol as follows:

  • Golden statue: This is the image with the highest reward, if it appears 3 times you will receive a reward of 1:30, the highest is 5 times corresponding to a ratio of 1:80.
  • Red statue: Lucky members who spin 5 red statues will receive a reward of 1:70.
  • Pink Statue: This symbol has the lowest value of 1:10 and the highest value of 1:60.
  • Purple statue: Players who receive 3 symbols will receive a reward of 1:8. If they appear 5 times, they will receive 1:30.
  • Stone flowers: There are two types of stone flowers, blue and green, both with the lowest bet being 1:6 and the highest being 1:15.
  • Letters: Depending on the type of letters, the system stipulates the lowest reward is 1:1 and the largest is 1:10.

Some basic terms

When playing Aztec treasure, users must clearly understand the terms that frequently appear to avoid mistakes. Specifically:

  • Wild: This is a symbol with the image of a goddess, whose function is to replace other symbols to bring rewards to the player.
  • Scatter: The Scatter symbol is very valuable. If it appears on any line, members will receive an immediate reward.
  • Bonus lines: These are cases where symbols are arranged together in a certain order. In this game there are up to 32,400 lines, in any case you win, you will get a prize.
  • Free Spins: The words Free Spin may appear on the interface if you spin 4 or more Scatter symbols. That means the user will immediately receive 10 free game rules, without having to bet but still receive a bonus.
  • Auto: Automatic spin function, customers only need to set the capital level and the system will automatically draw prizes regularly.
  • Suppression function: In the Aztec treasure, there is a multiplier suppression function. Bonus lines that have been captured will explode and disappear, causing the remaining symbols to change positions. Therefore, a new payline may appear and you will receive a reward.

Revealing the secret to good pot hunting in the Aztec treasure game

If you want to hunt for pots quickly and effectively in this game, you need to apply some good tips below:
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  • The minimum bet of the game is 2,000 VND and the maximum is 200,000 VND. It’s best to place a moderate capital to participate in many rounds of play, the chance of winning rewards will be higher than with large bets.
  • Limit the use of the Auto feature, because in reality it is very difficult to control the speed, the chance of winning is much lower than with manual spinning.
  • Careful testing is required to ensure that the network connection is always stable. Because if you are thrown out suddenly, the system will not return your capital and the rewards belonging to you in the unfinished turn will also be canceled.
  • The ideal time to play Aztec treasure is late at night, when there are few people attending. Because at this time the bonus fund is not divided among many members, you will be lucky to win big if you win.

Attractive Aztec treasure game with high reward rates will surprise you after every spin. Try your luck today by learning the rules and participating. Opportunities to make money await members after each simple play.

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